September 4-5, 2020


Vendor Information

What Do I Need to Be a Vendor at Austin-Con?

You simply need to have something to sell- whether it be digital goods (such as custom art, writing, or musical commissions, or digital products like PDFs or video games) or physical goods (prints, buttons, plushies, or other products.)
Austin-Con doesn't handle any money, or fufill any orders, so, if you are selling anything other that custom commissions, you will need to have your own online store-front to be linked (Itch.Io, Etsy, ex cetra...) All Vendors need to have thier own payment proccessing method (such as PayPal.)
You will also need to provide some preview images and text description for your products to be linked on the Austin-Con website.

There is no fee or commission for being a vendor here!!
(Optionally, Vendors can donate prizes to the Panels.)

What Do Vendors Get?

Austin-Con's Vendor Page will link to your store-front or commission information, and there will be a featured area inside the Discord Server to communicate with con-goers about your wares!!

How Do I Become a Vendor?

Right now, Austin-Con is only offering vendor opportunities to friends of Austin (or people who are vouched for by a friend of Austin.)
If you'd like to become a Vendor, please contact Austin directly!


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